30 DAY butt lift challenge

If a diet helps you lose weight, the sport helps you tone your muscles and have appealing shapes. A round and firm butt can be obtained through exercises for the buttocks and we come today with a challenge for you: a 30-day program to help you get rid of fat and tone your buttock muscles.

It’s guaranteed that you will look splendid when you go to the beach!

The program consists of three basic exercises for the development of muscles: squats, bridges and lunges. You probably already know all of them, but read one more time how to do them right:

1. Squats: Stay right, with your legs at the same distance as your shoulders. The hands should be held straight ahead, at the shoulders level, not higher or lower. From this position, lower the trunk so that the knees are bent at 90 degrees. Hold the position a second, then return to the original posture. It’s important to keep the spine as straight as possible during exercises and to lower the trunk sufficiently.

2. Bridges: Lye on the floor with your knees bent, the soles on the ground and your hands around the body. The legs should be kept a little distant so that the feet are at the shoulders distance. Push the body up from the heel and keep your back straight, don’t bend it, so you don’t risk forcing it. Embrace your buttock muscles when you get up, sit for a second, then go back to the initial position and repeat the exercise.

3. Lunges: Stand up with your hands on your hips. With one foot, makes a step forward, bending it to 90 degrees, then returns to the original position. Repeat as many times as needed with one foot, then pass to the other. Keep your back straight and take care that when you bend your knee, don’t lean too far in front of it. Keeping the 90 degree angle is very important if you want to get the best results.


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