5 Natural Ways To Clean And Prevent The Mold From Appearing In Your Home

The occurrence of the mold is nothing unusual. Usually, there is a problem with the microclimate of the rooms and not the cleanliness of the walls. Mold and mildew can be solved in a few steps in a natural way. Mold can come out behind the closet, behind wallpaper, from the corners and it is very unhealthy to stay in such a room. Usually, it occurs when the air humidity in the room is above 70 percent. And the biggest problem, are the rooms where there is no heating.

To prevent the occurrence of the mold in your home, you must ventilate often and control the humidity. Of course, important is the quality of the isolation.

But if the mold is already there, do not worry, there are quite simple ways to beat it. The rage fighters for this battle are tea tree oil, extract of citrus fruits and vinegar.

The first two ingredients are often expensive. Tea tree oil has a specific smell but disappears after a few days. Citrus extracts, on the other hand, have no pronounced scent, and they are excellent in the fight against the mold. However, you always have cheaper options such as vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

How To Clean The Mold In Your Home

Tea tree oil

If you have, however, decided to use the tea tree oil, make a spray. Add 250 ml of water and two teaspoons of tea tree oil. Mix the ingredients well.  Then, spray it all over the area infested with mold. Do not wipe, let it dry. This DIY spray has an unlimited shelf life.

Citrus oil

Get the oil from any citrus you like (for example, grapefruit) and dilute 20 drops with 2 cups of water. Spray it on the mold and do not wipe it. Let it do its work.


Pure organic vinegar allegedly kills 82 percent of the moldy particles, but also viruses and bacteria. Pour the white vinegar in the spray bottle and spray it all over the places that are attacked by mold. Let it work if you can withstand the strong smell. It’s best to do this in the space where you can open the windows. The fragrance will disappear in a few hours, and the vinegar should work. If the smell bothers you badly, you can add a few drops of some essential oil to the vinegar. You can also use vinegar preventively. Just spray it up and let it work. Do not wipe the surface afterward.

Hydrogen peroxide

Use hydrogen peroxide (3%) on moldy surfaces. Just apply it and let it work for ten minutes. Afterward, wipe and dry with a cloth to eliminate the remaining spores from the mold. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used in combination with vinegar. First, pour the hydrogen peroxide, then vinegar. Leave it for a few minutes, and after that remove it with a cloth.

Baking soda

In combination with vinegar or just with water, baking soda is a good ally for eliminating the mold. Dissolve it with a little water (make a paste) or water and vinegar (50:50). Treat the moldy place and let it work.  Afterward, wipe with a dry cloth.

Do you have another effective method for removing mold? Tell us.



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