8 Warning Signs You’re Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

Sometimes we get so caught up in our life that we forget to notice that it might be unhealthy. We’re distracted by our work, family, chores, bills, and any of the other stressors that boggle down life. Often, we don’t even notice how these things have tired us out, absolutely exhausting us and sapping the joy out of life.
Stress has become such a normal part of life today, so much so that people barely see it as stress. Understanding when you need to rest or just take a break from the normal life stresses, however, is a crucial skill to master. Consider the following signs that serve to warn you that you might be on your way to mental or emotional exhaustion:

Difficulty finding motivation

While you were once ready to take on the world, now getting out of bed is about the highest level of motivation you can muster for an entire day. Since work starts piling up around you, it can be incredibly tempting to try to push through, to force motivation to happen, but this usually only makes the situation worse. Instead, try taking some time to rest, allowing your mind to rejuvenate. Inspiration is more likely to strike this way.

Even little things upset you

Mental and emotional exhausting has a tendency to make us feel things at a higher intensity. While most other times you might be able to take a joke well, now you find it breaking through your defenses and actually hurting. Often when this happens, we tell ourselves to just “toughen up,” when really you might just need an emotional rest. Just remember that giving yourself a break is a better alternative to breaking down.

You cry…a lot

Even if you’re not normally a crier, now everything makes you emotional. Similar to when we’re children, when we’re emotionally exhausted, even minor stresses appear huge and overwhelming to us. Often when we let this stress build up, the only release is for your system to cleanse itself by crying.

Anxiety attacks are common

Feelings of overwhelm are common alongside exhaustion. You might find yourself having anxiety attacks daily, and while it’s easy to get carried away by fear, just remember that this is a sign from your body that you need to slow down. You need to give yourself both the time and space to cope. Put effort into figuring out what you’re struggling with and don’t just ignore the problem.

You’re always irritated

When we feel like we’re lacking control, it’s common to be irritated. Irritation tends to give us a drive that feels similar to power and strength, even though you might feel utterly powerless over your daily life. Try being gentle with yourself and understand that your mind is sending you signals, telling you that you should make more time for rest.

You have trouble sleeping

Even though you’re mentally or emotionally exhausted, sometimes you can’t sleep. Thoughts twirl around in your mind constantly, making it difficult to impossible to sleep. This often becomes an additional source of stress, since sleepless nights are aggravating to endure.

You feel nauseated or dizzy

Even if exhaustion is just mental or emotional, it affects your entire body. When someone becomes dangerously tired, the body is unable to function properly and dizziness or nausea are common symptoms. If this occurs to you, consider it a major red flag telling you that you need to take a break.

You feel numb

Often when we feel burnt out for a long time, feelings begin to dissipate. Feeling anything at all soon becomes a memory and you start zoning out. This is a serious warning sign of exhaustion. When you begin feeling nothing, take a break and allow yourself a break.
It’s so important to pay attention to your health so that you notice when it’s on any sort of downturn. Your mental and emotional health is valuable and sometimes it takes deliberate effort to protect it.


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