9 Great Foods For High Blood Pressure, Stroke And Cholesterol

Avoid these three diseases

Food is the key to enjoying a healthy state for our body. There are excellent foods to consider when choosing the ingredients of your diet. There are exquisite meals that are not unhealthy and are extremely simple to prepare.

The food you usually consume in your meals will influence your health. There are diseases that can be prevented by a healthy and balanced diet based on the consumption of excellent foods. In the same way, there are pathologies in which it is recommended to accompany the treatments with good eating habits.

Excellent foods in the presence of diseases

There are diseases that are directly related to eating habits such as obesity. It happens in most cases by a poor choice of foods that you include in your diet. Foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates are factors that influence the onset of obesity.

Obesity often triggers a large number of even more serious and delicate conditions but not its only cause. There have been cases of sick patients who have a stable weight according to their height. The common denominator would continue to be food, considering that the metabolic processes are not the same for all people.

There are excellent foods that help prevent the onset of certain diseases as well as decrease their incidence. It is advisable to include them within your diet even when you belong to the population at risk of suffering from such conditions. This way you can go one step ahead of the disease and, if you already have it, control it with good results.

Diseases you can control by consuming these excellent foods

As we have commented, the appearance of many diseases will be influenced by eating habits. Excessive consumption of fats, sugars and unhealthy foods increases the risk of developing certain pathologies.

We will now discuss three of the major diseases that can affect the consumption of excellent foods.


Blood pressure represents the pressure exerted by the flow of blood as it passes through the blood vessels. These blood vessels are the arteries and this occurs from the pumping of blood produced by the heart. The larger the diameter, the easier the passage of blood flow through them.

Hypertension appears when the diameter of the arteries begins to decrease. This can occur as a result of the accumulation of fat in the walls of the blood tubes. And it is, therefore, directly related to your diet. The more fatty foods you consume, the more it will build up in the walls of your arteries.


Your brain is the organ that consumes the most energy every day. This happens because of the great processes that are carried out in it. Your brain requires optimal oxygen levels as well as energy sources regularly obtained through diet.

When your food is not adequate, levels of brain oxygenation decrease. From there, the chances of having a stroke increase.


The fatty acids consumed through the diet are processed by your body and converted into lipids. When there is an excess of fats, these usually accumulate in your body since its degradation is not so simple. The way they build up is like cholesterol.

When the blood concentration of cholesterol is high, a number of clinical conditions begin to develop. Among the diseases that are most at risk of appearing when cholesterol levels increase are cardiovascular.

Excellent foods against hypertension, stroke and cholesterol

One way to counteract the onset and development of these diseases is through eating. There are excellent foods recommended as part of the treatment against these pathologies.

9 excellent foods you cannot miss when choosing ingredients for your meals


Eggs are rich sources of natural protein that you can consume every day. They are usually recommended for those people who should not eat large amounts of red meat.


It represents the main source of omega 3 known in food. Omega 3 is a naturally occurring fatty acid. It is recommended for those people who are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases. It helps to improve the functioning of the heart and prevents the onset of heart attacks.

Olive oil

It is also a natural source of fatty acids. Compared to other types of oils, such as vegetable oil, it is much healthier. You can add it as part of the seasoning of your salads as well as in the cooking of fish and meats.

Grains and legumes

They are foods rich in fiber. It favors the elasticity of blood vessels and, therefore, prevents the occurrence of arterial hypertension. It also helps reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood.


It is a source of fiber, important in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. You can combine it in your meals, especially at breakfast.

Nuts and dried fruits

They represent a source of natural and beneficial fatty acids. They tend to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Useful for eating in the afternoon snacks.


Fruits represent a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Strawberries, milky, pomegranate, among other fruits, favor the oxygenation of the brain. They also help decrease the incidence of high blood pressure and regulate the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood.


They are important sources of energy, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to include vegetables in each of the meals that you consume every day. Helps prevent the onset of multiple diseases, including stroke.

Green leafy vegetables

They are rich sources of oxygen for your brain. You can include them in a great diversity of recipes as well as being part of the salads. Broccoli and cabbage are among the most recommended species. In addition, they are divine vegetables that you can consume to add nutrients to your body.


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