A homemade egg mask can help tighten your sagging breasts!

We all fear the time when our breasts start to sag. Some of the reasons for sagging are inevitable, such as aging. The others may be temporary but if you hesitate with proper actions they may cause permanent sagging. Pregnancy, rapid weight loss, medical condition, smoking – these are the factors that influence breast firmness. Of course, it would be simply unfair, with so many causes not to have a single way out. but, fortunately, there is a remedy to save your breasts from sagging, and that is something we are going to discuss today.

As you may have guessed we are going to talk about a tightening egg mask for your sagging breasts.

sagging breast


one egg,
a teaspoon of vitamin E,
two teaspoons of yogurt.

Preparation and usage:

After you mix all the ingredients together, apply the mixture on your breasts and massage them for about 15 minutes.
Make sure that your breasts absorbed all that was necessary and wash the mixture off.
To see the result faster, you can massage your breasts with olive oil almost daily, at least five times a week. The effect will be amazing.
In case you are happy enough and something like that hasn’t happened to you yet, then there are also ways to prevent breast sagging.
It is crucial to keep your weight in check, even if you are trying to lose some weight, make sure that you are doing it gradually.
Also, you should not leave out regular exercising and healthy way of eating.
Of course, it sounds pretty obvious, but you will be amazed how effective it is, and not only when it comes to your breasts.



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