Do You Suffer From Back Pain? Try This Treatment And Say Goodbye To The Pain

Back pain can be easily treated with the help of royal bath! It will help you relax, but at the same time you’ll also prevent metabolism disorders, neurosis, osteochondrosis, etc.


Take 5 grams of motherwort leaves, valerian, pepper, incense, heart, 10 grams of mint, oats (or you can also use the straw) and birch leaves.

All of the ingredients should be chopped well and then combined. 60 grams of this herbal mixture should be poured with 3 liters of already boiled water.

Leave the bath to stay like that for 2 hours. Lie inside this prepared bath for 15 minutes.

Make sure the temperature is between 32 and 33 degrees. Do at least 15 baths to feel the optimal benefits of the healing treatment.


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