Here Are 11 Ways To Lose 20 Pounds In 14 Days

If you think that you can’t lose weight in two weeks you are wrong! You don’t need to change your lifestyle completely, you just need a good diet plan accompanied with a workout that you can incorporate in your lifestyle.

You should pick at least four tips that we offer in this article and implement them in your everyday life for two weeks. Just remember that you need to stay consistent and motivated in order to see results in the end!

1. Drink water

Water has 0kcal and carbs, and no sodium, which makes it the best weight loss drink. You will keep your body hydrated the proper way and lose weight at the same time. You will also eliminate the excess water from your body and in that manner improve your metabolism. Don’t hydrate your body with other types of drinks because they contain a lot of calories and sugar.

2. Avoid pasta and white bread

When you cut out every grain product such as white rice, pasta, and white bread you will notice that you are instantly losing weight because these foods can cause bloating. Also, carbs are easily and quickly digested in your body and you will feel hungry again in a short time. Don’t replace them with healthier alternatives, but

eliminate them completely and focus on eating more veggies.

3. Do cardio workouts for half an hour every day

You should include cardio workouts that will speed up your heart rate and make you burn those calories really quickly. If you choose to do exercises that engage more muscle groups you will even burn more calories. Only half an hour per day will give you the desired results.

4. Drink coffee 1 hour before your workout

If you drink a cup of coffee with a little bit of milk you will have more energy during your workout and therefore you will push your body harder to burn more calories.

5. Do 36 lunges and push-ups every other day

Push-ups and lunges will sculpt your body like no other exercise. You should do three sets of 12 of each exercise. With push-ups you will work your upper body, and with lunges your lower body.

6. Sleep half an hour longer at night

When you sleep an extra hour during the night you will wake up feeling refreshed and you won’t require extra energy from food. Your metabolism will function more effectively and you will have more energy to do your daily tasks, as well as go to the gym.

7. Make one food sacrifice

If you cut one highly caloric food from your diet, such as that chocolate dessert you will cut hundreds of calories from your diet. You will not notice the absence of those calories, but your belly will.

8. Eat salmon for lunch

Salmon builds muscles and makes your skin have a healthy glow because it is full with healthy nutrients that our body needs.

9. Stand up straight

Keep your posture straight, the shoulders back, the belly sucked towards the spine, and the spine straight. You will instantly look slimmer.

10. Do sit-ups and squats

Squats and sit-ups give instant definition to your muscles, which is why bodybuilders do them before competitions. You should do 3 sets of 12 of every exercise so you can tighten the abs, legs, and butt.

11. Try the two-week diet

You shouldn’t complicate things when it comes to trying out new diets. You should keep it simple and you will surely lose more pounds.


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