How To Teach Yourself To Stop Worrying So Much

There are several ways that you can train your brain to stop worrying about different issues. Worrying is not healthy to an individual’s overall well-being or mental health because it can have many negative effects.

Worrying is bad for individuals because it focuses on things that are uncertain and completely uncontrollable. The following tips are ways that you can train your brain to stop worrying.

The first way to train your brain to stop worrying is to write things down. This method is said to help clear your mind, organize your thoughts, and improve your memory. It is good to write your worries down on paper or on your phone.

Writing things down gives your brain a break because there is no longer a need to remember the details. They are now in written form for you to use as a reference in the future.

Writing things down lowers the amount of energy your brain needs to remember the details if they were not written down. It’s also practical because you can work your way down what you wrote and try to find solutions to the problems.

Think of it as decluttering your room or clearing out your desk from the things that you don’t need. It allows for clearer thinking because you do not have to add a lot of stress to your brain.

The second way to train your brain to stop worrying is to meditate. Mediation does not take long to do, even though some people believe it does.  

According to research in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine, meditation is extremely beneficial for reducing cognitive anxiety for individuals, especially those who find themselves constantly worrying.

It is good to stop paying attention to your worries for a few moments at a time during your day. For example, a good way to practice this is to clear your mind for 30 seconds at a time, once or twice a day. You can increase these “breaks” every few days or weeks as you see fit.


Meditation calms your brain and allows you to gain clarity and peace. It can also help you focus better right after. It takes some dedication to get good at meditating successfully, but in the end it’s worth it.


Not thinking about your worries for as much as 30 seconds a day will help keep your brain stress-free. Meditation can literally rewire the way your brain processes stress, so give it a try!


The third way to train your brain to stop worrying is to exercise daily, whether it is going to the gym or going for a run or a walk. Exercising can help release endorphins, reducing your stress and giving you more energy.


Exercising can also help relieve physical symptoms of stress, and it could lower your blood pressure. Exercise is especially necessary if you spend entire days sitting in front of a desk. 


Exercising also has other benefits. It can help improve your mood, boost your overall energy, increase your strength and flexibility, and it can also improve your sleep.


When you exercise, it is good to combine it with meditation. You should tune out sources of stress and just focus on the sounds of nature and your surroundings.



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