How to Use Coconut Oil to Look Younger Than Your Age

Most of the skin care products we use nowadays contains a variety of chemicals that can harm our skin and overall health as well. The chemicals and toxins in the creams and lotions we use every day can make us age faster, which goes contrary to their supposed effects. The good news is that you can protect your skin naturally and erase all the problems from it by using natural remedies such as coconut oil.

For years, coconut oil has been used as a natural remedy for a variety of skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis and wrinkles. The oil has powerful anti-aging and hydrating effects and can keep your skin soft, smooth and clean. Furthermore, it contains powerful antioxidants which can fight free radicals in the body and resolve other problems.

Besides being great for our skin, coconut oil works great for our hair as well. It can strengthen the roots of our hair and resolve numerous problems including dandruff and hair loss. Here are 15 ways in which coconut oil can resolve your beauty issues:

Night cream

Thanks to the abundance of antioxidants, coconut oil works great as a nighttime anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream. Just rub a bit on your face before going to bed and your skin will be smoother than ever.

Under-eye cream

The oil works great as an under-eye cream as well. Apply a bit under your eyes several times per day and you will never suffer from those dreaded under-eye bags again.

Makeup remover

Run out of makeup remover? Don’t worry, coconut oil can help. The oil is a perfect and cheap alternative to makeup removers and will clean your skin even better. Furthermore, it will also keep it hydrated and neutralize the harmful effects of makeup.

Eliminates cellulite

If you’d like to eliminate the cellulite from your thighs, coconut oil can help. Rub the oil on the affected area every day and the cellulite should go away soon.

Natural pimples remedy

Mix a few tablespoons of coconut oil with the same amount of honey and 5 tablespoons Aloe gel, then apply the mixture on your face and leave it to work for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water in the end and repeat the process every day to get rid of pimples.

Dandruff remedy

Having problems with dandruff and you’re unable to resolve it? Coconut oil can help. The oil has antifungal properties that can treat dandruff, and you can benefit from them simply by adding a bit of the oil in your shampoo.

Nail cream

Rub some coconut oil on your cuticles and nails to hydrate them and keep them soft, smooth and healthy.

Eliminates varicose veins

Nothing works against your varicose veins? Don’t worry – coconut oil comes to the rescue once more! Rub the affected area with the oil a few times per day and the bulging veins should disappear soon.

Relieves skin itching and minor burns

If your skin itches or you have a minor burn anywhere on the body, rubbing coconut oil on the area can soothe the inflammation and help the skin heal.

Body scrub

Mix ½ a cup of coconut oil with ½ a cup of sugar and a few drops of your favorite essential oils to create a powerful scrub that will exfoliate your skin.

Hair conditioner

Rub a bit of coconut oil on your hair after you’re done washing it to give it a nice shine and volume.

Whitens your teeth

You know what can help you whiten your teeth naturally? Coconut oil. Gargle a bit of the oil in your mouth every day for 15 minutes to destroy all bacteria in your oral cavity and make your teeth pearly white.

Hair serum

Mix coconut oil with vitamin E capsules and use the mixture on your hair twice a week to strengthen your roots and make your hair soft and smooth.

A great deodorant

Mix a bit of coconut oil with tea tree oil and apply the mixture on your underarms instead of a deodorant to prevent body odor.

A natural sunscreen

Coconut oil is a perfect natural sunscreen that works better than most commercial products. Just rub a bit on your skin when enjoying the beach in order to keep the skin hydrated and protected from the harmful UV-rays.

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