Lesser-Known Trickс Which Will Help You Fight Back Pain, Sciatica and Even Arthritis, Better Than Pills

If you want to improve your skin, heal faster any wound, and boost immunity, then castor oil is the perfect solution for you. It provides numerous health benefits and is used to clear blemishes, back pain relief, and heal strains. Moreover, it can treat many other health problems, such as:



Insect bites

Bee stings



Stretch marks – Massage your stomach with this oil in the last 2 months of pregnancy

Treats hearing loss – Apply a couple of drops of castor oil in your ears

Warts – use castor oil for 4 weeks continuously

Snoring – use castor oil for 2 weeks continuously

Nail fungus – apply the oil on the affected parts on a daily basis

Skin cancer – when combined with baking soda

Calcium deposits removal – massage your feet with this oil on a daily basis

Alleviates chronic diarrhea – Apply castor oil on the stomach

Recovery from alcoholism

Melanoma – apply castor oil on a regular basis

Boost hair growth – Massage the scalp with this oil for 20 minutes before shampooing

Injury – wrap your wrists in castor oil overnight

Cataracts – apply 1 drop of this oil in your eye before sleeping

Tinnitus – apply 6 drops on a daily basis for a 1 month

Hyperactivity – apply some castor oil to your stomach

Allergies – apply 5 drops of this oil every morning

Dark spots lightening – mix baking soda with castor oil

Chronic hoarseness relief – use castor oil on your vocal cords on a daily basis for 3 months

Ocular allergies – rub some castor oil on your eyelids before going to bed

Back pain – apply castor oil to your back once a week.

How To Make Castor Oil Wipes

Gather some plastic sheet, hot water bottle, cold pressed oil, clean gauze, and a towel. Before using the compress, clean your skin with baking soda. Then, soak the gauze in the castor oil and apply it on the affected body part.

Then, cover it with plastic sheet and put the hot water bottle on the top of it. Next, wrap a towel over it. Hold like that for 30 minutes at least. You will notice the immediate improvements.






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