Natural Methods For Removing Warts, Dark Spots, Blackheads, Moles And Skin Tags!

The most common health problems that affect a lot of people around the world are the skin problems like skin tags, acne, blackheads and moles. These skin problems occur as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and bad diet. Other factors that can cause these kinds of problems are excessive exposure to sun and hormonal imbalance. These skim problems are not life-threatening, but they can ruin the self-esteem for sure.

There are a lot of cosmetic products that can help treat these problems and make your skin healthy, but they are very expensive. Besides being very expensive, these products can also have some very serious side effects and make things even worse. In order to keep the health of the skin you can try some natural remedies which are very effective in the treatment of warts, skin tags, acne and blackheads and most importantly, they are completely natural and safe, with no side effects.

  • Skin tags

They are benign growths that can appear on the armpits, neck, eyelids and chest. They usually appear as a result of skin friction and the most common way to remove them is with minor surgery and cryogenic treatments. Another way to treat the skin tags is with natural remedies which are non-invasive and very effective. The best natural remedy for skin tags is apple cider vinegar. Apply a cotton ball soaked in the apple cider vinegar on the skin tags and leave it overnight, secured with a bandage. This method will help you eliminate the skin tags in no time.

Another natural remedy for removing skin tags is the mixture of castor oil and baking soda. Mix the two ingredients in equal parts until you get a paste. Apply the paste on the skin tags and leave it on for couple of hours to work. Repeat the method 3 times a day until the tags disappear.

Also, you can use tea tree oil for removing skin tags. Put couple of drops of the oil on a cotton ball soaked in water and apply it on the affected area. For best results, repeat the method 3 times a day.

  • Moles

This type of skin problem occurs due to the excessive exposure to sun or as a result of genetics. Although they are very difficult to remove, there is a natural product that can do that in no time. This natural product is garlic. Cut 1 garlic clove and apply one of the pieces on the mole. Put some petroleum jelly on the surrounding area in order to protect it. Leave it on for 4 hours to work. Afterwards, wash the skin with water. Repeat the method every day.

Moles can be removed with a mixture of castor oil and baking soda. Mix the two ingredients until you get a paste and apply the paste on the moles. Cover the area with a bandage and leave it overnight to work. The next morning wash it off with water. Repeat the method every night.

Apple cider vinegar is the best natural remedy for all the types of skin problems, moles included. Apply a cotton ball soaked in ACV on the moles and cover it with a bandage. Leave it on for 8 hours to work.  If you repeat the method regularly the moles will disappear in no time.

  • Warts

The main cause for the appearance of warts is the HPV virus and they can appear everywhere on the body, the genitalia included. Warts are round and small and usually they are skin colored. The most common treatments are the salicylic acid treatment and cryogenic treatment. There are also natural remedies that can help you remove the warts.

Rub the inside of the banana peel on the warts before going to bed. Repeat the method every night for couple of weeks.

Apple cider vinegar is helpful for warts as well. Apply a cotton ball soaked in ACV on the warts and leave it on the entire day to work. Replace the cotton ball with a new one. Repeat the method regularly and the warts will start to shrink and eventually disappear.

Garlic is also very effective for the removal of warts. Apply the juice of couple of crushed garlic cloves on the warts. For best results repeat the method 2 times a day.

Another very effective natural product for removing warts is honey. Apply some honey on the warts and gently rub it. Cover the wart with a bandage and leave it on overnight to work. Repeat the process every night until the warts are gone.

  • Dark spots

The dark spots appear usually as a result of excessive sun exposure or aging.  In some rare cases, they can occur as a result of some liver problems. They are very difficult to remove, but there are some natural remedies that can help.

Aloe Vera gel is very good for removing dark spots. Just apply the gel on the spots and leave it on for half an hour to work. The gel will reduce the appearance of the dark spots.  In order this method to work you need to apply fresh gel taken from a leaf of the Aloe Vera plant.

The appearance of the dark spots can be reduced with lemon juice. Lemon juice is a very powerful bleacher. Apply the juice on the dark spots using a cotton ball. Repeat the method every day.

Another very powerful natural product that can help with dark spots is onion. Blend couple of onions and apply the paste on the dark spots. Leave it on for 15 minutes to work and wash it off with water.

Vitamin C serum is also very effective for reducing the dark spots. This agent will rejuvenate the skin and remove the dark spots on the skin.

Also you can use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and grated horseradish. Apply the mixture on the affected area and leave it on for half an hour to work. For best results, repeat the method every day and the dark spots will disappear.

  • Clogged pores

The pores get clogged by excess oil and dirt very easily. This results in many skin problems and an uneven texture.  The best way to clean the pores is to use steaming. Boil some water and simply lean over the pot and cover the head. Try to stay in that position for 20 minutes in order the steam to clean the clogged pores. Afterwards, rinse the face with some apple cider vinegar.

Another way to clean the clogged pores is to use sugar scrubs. Mix some lemon juice and sugar and gently rub the skin with the mixture. Wash the face with plenty of water.


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