SALT and OIL: Medicinal mixture… you will not feel pain for several years

Cervical osteochondrosis is a condition that can be pretty unpleasant and painful. Nevertheless, you can treat this condition. We recommend this interesting recipe that is efficient in reducing the pain and that will help you eliminate the pain for a long time, even for several years.

You should prepare a simple mixture for massage using unrefined vegetable oil and salt (you can also use sea water).

This medicinal mixture should be enough for the whole course of treatment. Just combine ten tablespoons of salt with twenty tablespoons of oil (you can use olive or sunflower oil).

Here is how you can prepare this medicinal mixture for treating osteochondrosis:


After you have mixed the salt and the oil, pour the mixture in glass bottle and close the bottle. Several days later, you will get a light mixture.

Apply this mixture on your skin every morning; massaging it vigorously on the cervical vertebrae at the places you feel pain. Start by a two- or three-minute massage, and then add another two or three minutes every day, eventually bringing the massage time to twenty minutes. Once you are done massaging the mixture onto your skin, wipe your neck using a warm cloth.

Sometimes, the application of this mixture can lead to minor skin irritation, so it is recommended that you wipe your skin using a dry cloth after you are finished massaging. Finish by applying some baby powder on the area.

This treatment lasts for ten days and it will help you trigger the blood circulation and improve the regeneration of muscle, bone and cartilage tissue. The best results will be noticeable after eight to ten procedures.

The application of this remedy will help you restore your blood flow in the neck and the spine area, reduce the occurrence of headaches, and improve your vision. This is all due to the fact that it will remove the toxins from your body, which will result in normalization of the metabolism.

This cleansing process might cause you to feel a little sleepy or dizzy, even though cases like these are rare. Normally, this type of treatment does not come with side effects and it provides great results.

You can massage this mixture onto your neck by yourself.

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