Why Does Our Eyes Sometimes Twitch ?

Why does our eye twitch? If it’s the right eye , it’s good, we’ll have a joy. If it’s the left eye, it’s bad, we’ll have a trouble. Those who don’t like bad superstitions, just say you’ll see someone you’ve never seen before. In reality, it’s sign of the body. Let’s see the explanation:

What is the mechanism?
In folk tradition, it’s said that our eye is twitching but usually it’s just an eyelid. It may shake the lower eyelid, it may be the upper one. What happens? Ophthalmologist Rubén Pascual of San Pedro Hospital in Logroño thinks that is rather a bad sign. But not in the mystical sense, but in a medical sense.

These are involuntary contractions of the muscles that open the eyelids. Dr. Pascual:  “These contractions doesn’t affect the health of the eye itself, or of the sight. In fact, nothing bad can happen.” he explains. “There are contractions of tenths of a second and are repeated 3-4 times per second,” adds the ophthalmologist. However, it’s disturbing. Long periods may pass without appearing, but when they occur, they can last for days, even weeks.

Most of these episodes go unnoticed by others. Sometimes we don’t even perceive them in the mirror. “But if, with the eyelid, the muscles of the eyeball tremble, this can be felt at the level of vision,” warns the ophthalmologist. “We can not fix the look, we can not see clearly, we can not track a written text at the usual speed. And we can not figure out why. ”

In terms of medicine, these tiny contractions are called muscle fasciculations. There are involuntary contractions of the orbicular muscles, tasked with the opening of the eye. In fact, it alternately contracts the fibers in the muscles, in a disorderly manner and without a particular purpose. These contractions occur spontaneously and spontaneously disappear. There is no treatment for them.



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